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  === (Executable Modeling Group) ===  === (Executable Modeling Group) ===
-  * <color red>​Attention!</​color>​ There will be no course ​on the 3rd of OctoberWe will discuss when to have longer meeting later on in the semester to compensate. The homework projects should be sent to until the 3rd of October.+  * <color red>​Attention!</​color>​ There is no meeting ​on the 5th of December (Monday)Extra consultation hours will be held on the 7th of December (Wednesday) 11:00-14:00 in room 2-616/A instead. 
 +  * Course: Monday, 14:​00-15:​30,​ room 2-124 
 +  * Consultation (with Martin Budai): Wednesday, 16-17:30, room 2-616/A
   * [[http://​​softtechlab/​slides.pdf|Introductory slides]]   * [[http://​​softtechlab/​slides.pdf|Introductory slides]]
-  * Class modeling excercises (2016-09-26)Create a class model with at least 10 classes and the necessary associations,​ compositions,​ generalizations,​ attributes and operations, using one of the topics below! Create diagram description and generate ​class diagram! +  * [[softtechlab2016fall:20160926|Notes about the class modeling homework]] 
-    University, Student, MSc, BSc, Professor, Course, Credit, Room, Time slot, ... +  Executable modeling examples: [[http://​​softtechlab/​|Micro 1]] [[http://​​softtechlab/​|Micro 2]] 
-    * Hospital, Patient, Doctor, Room, Illness, Operation, Medication, ​... +  [[softtechlab2016fall:​external|External class topics]] 
-    * Car, Type, Manufacturer,​ Year of production, Person, Owner, Driver, Wheels, Motor, ... +  [[softtechlab2016fall:​20161024|Next tasks discussed on 2016-10-24]] 
-    Facebook, Profile, Person, Friendship, Post, Like, Share, ... +  [[softtechlab2016fall:​20161121|Topics discussed on 2016-11-21]] 
-    Web, Server, Client, User, Browser, Web page, Text, Image, ... +  [[softtechlab2016fall:​20161128|Topics discussed on 2016-11-28]] 
-    Computer, Processor, Memory, Hard drive, Display, User, Login name, Password, Owner, ... +  [[http://​​softtechlab/​ThingML.pptx|ThingML presentation by Andrey Khasanov]] 
-    Bank, Account, Person, Amount, Credit, Loan, Balance, Bank card, PIN code, ... + 
-    Travel agency, Agent, Client, Location, Trip, Price, Order, Assistance, ​... +
-    * Webshop, Client, Order, Price, Payment, Shipping, Product, ..+
-    * Parliament, Government, Minister, Prime minister, Election, Citizen, Vote, ...+
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